The Tail Wags The Dog

In contrast to the typical self-help books authored by professionals where the clinician attempts to impart his or her wisdom to the reading audience, “The Tail Wags the Dog” is comprised entirely of lessons learned by the author from her patients. Based on the premise that when done properly, therapy is a reciprocal learning experience, this book shares two hundred life lessons imparted to the author by her patients over a period of almost three decades. Derived entirely from the literally thousands of hours spent interacting in a therapeutic environment with a wide variety of individuals, the book is free from the typical “psychobabble” and jargon that fills pages and says nothing. Rather, the direct, easy-to-understand language results in a book that has true relevance to each and every one of us. Running the gamut from parenting issues to addictive problems to interpersonal interaction styles to relationship struggles to psychological/psychiatric diagnoses to just plain making it through our day to day life, “The Tail Wags the Dog” ends up being a virtual guide to living life at an optimal level while navigating its inevitable struggles.